Preimplantation genetic testing in Hyderabad

Is There Any Way That Preimplantation Testing In Hyderabad Could Help You In Your Fertility Treatment?

As a result of the continual advancements that have been made in medical science, we now have access to an increasing number of technologies that may assist in the investigation of health and the underlying cause of symptoms, including infertility.

Preimplantation genetic testing in Hyderabad has only just been available, but it already offers patients and their physicians a fresh perspective on the ways in which genetics may pinpoint gene-based factors that contribute to infertility. This helps to individualize preconception treatment, which in turn improves the likelihood of a successful pregnancy.

What exactly is meant by “genetic testing”?

A genetic test examines your DNA in detail. Your DNA is a collection of instructions that directs your cells what to manufacture and how to operate properly. These instructions are passed down from your parents. To complete our set of 23 pairs of chromosomes, we get one half of our genetic code from our mother and the other half from our father (which may be found in the egg and the sperm). Preimplantation genetic Testing near me is one of the main among those.

There are many different kinds of genetic testing that examine the quality of the DNA to determine whether or not there are any anomalies that might influence the health of the baby or the pregnancy. Some examples of these tests are as follows:

PGT, also known as embryo preimplantation genetic testing In hyderabad, examines the embryos’ DNA during the in vitro fertilization process in order to identify common genetic issues that may lead to a failed implantation, a miscarriage, or birth abnormalities. By doing so, the likelihood of the IVF procedure is successful may be increased by choosing embryos with normal genetic makeup. This examination looks at:

  • The number of chromosomes
  • Various forms of genetic disease
  • The structure of chromosomes

Once a pregnancy has been confirmed, non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) may determine the sex of the unborn child and screen for genetic disorders as early as 9 weeks into the pregnancy.

Preimplantation Genetic Testing near me

Preimplantation testing near me, helps to determine the best embryos to transfer. and it also decreases the chance of miscarriages. These tests are very helpful and increase the success rate of the IVF cycle up to 90 %

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