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IVF/Fertility Questions and Answers


1 )     What Is The Need For A IVF Treatment For A Couple Suffering With Infertility?

A) Now A Days Due To Many Factors, May Be Ecological, Stress, Genetic Or Couple Problems (Male Or Female Reproductive Organ Problems). So There Is 100% Need To Go For Any Fertility Procedures like IUI, IVF,ICSI, PGS Surrogacy Depending Upon The Above Factors And Age Of Couples. The Couple Can Wait For 1 Year Period For Their Fertility Without Using Any Contraceptives.

2)    Is IVF Required For Every Couple Suffering With Fertility Issues?

A) Mostly Females Suffering With Tubal Factors Requires IVF

3)     Which Couple Suffering With Infertility Need ICSI Treatment?

A) The Aged Females Who Has Less Ovarian Reserve(Oocytes), PCOS, Endometriosis,, Male Factors Like Oligo, Asthana, Teramo Azoospermia Requires ICSI Treatment.

5)    Can IVF Or ICSI Give 100% Success?

A) Can Be/Cannot Be.. 30-40% Couples Get Success With In 1 Cycle, Remaining May Need To Undergo The Procedure Twice Or Thrice.

6    Is Egg Donation Mandatory For Female Over The Age Of 40 Years?

A) No, 100% Depends Upon The Amh Levels And Quantity And Quality Of Oocytes.

7   How Many Times Can A Couple Undergo ICSI Treatment?

A) Maximum 3 Cycles, More Than That Its Couple Choice To Take The Decision For Treatment.

8)  Is Surrogacy Treatment Helpful For Couple Suffering With Failed Fertility Procedures?

A) Definitely Best With PGS Procedure.

9)   With Recurrent Abortion Patients , Is IVF Helpful?

A) Not Certainly, PGS + IVF May Be Helpful, So That We Can Recognize Genetic Problems Of Embryos And Recurrent Abortion Can Be Prevented.

10)  What Exactly Can Be Done In ICSI And Blastocyst Treatment And How Is It Helpful In Fertility Treatment?

A) 1) We Do Hatching Of Oolemma By Passing Laser Beam, Then Selected Live Spermatozoa Is Injected Through The Hole Made In Olekma. There Are More Chances For Good Embryo Formation, Microvilli Like Structure Will Be Formed And Helps In Implantation.

2) Best Procedure Is Oocyte Donation, Sometimes We Can Try By Giving More Injections.

11)  Is Oocyte Donation Mandatory For People Having Low Amh Level Below 1.5?

A) Medication For 2-3 Months Can Be Given. Treatment May Be Helpful, But Not In All Cases.

12)  Is There Any Possibility To Improve Amh Levels In Infertility Seeking Patients?

A) Definitely

13) What Is The Reason For Infertility Now A Days In Many Couple?

A)  Different Job Timings For Couples, Stress Factors In Jobs, Nuclear Families( No Body In Position To Tell What Is Required For Them), Increase Age For Marriage, Junk Foods, Changes In Life Style, Changes In Ecological Factors.

14)  Does All Couples Require Fertility Treatment Whose Married Life Is More Than 5 Years?

A) Yes, Quality Of Egg Decreases , Receptive Capacity Of Endometrium Decreases, Male Factors( Decrease Quality And Quantity Of Spermatozoa), Increase In Life Style Disorders(Hypertension, Diabetics)

15)  Is Fertility Problems Related To High Age Group Couple?

A) Yes, The Best Treatment For Them Is Surrogacy

16) Is Child Bearing Possible For Patients With Family Planning Surgery?

A) Yes, Possible With 1. Tubal Realization 2.Fertility Procedures Like IVF

17) Is Hypothyroidism And Diabetic Patients Suffer More With Fertility Problems?

A) In Diabetics, Loss Of Libido Is Major Cause For Infertility. PCOS, Irregular Cycles, Hypothyroidism Usually Complements Each Others

18) Patients With Adenomyosis, Grade 3-4 Endometriosis, Multiple Fibroids Must Undergo Surrogacy Procedure?

A) It Is Possible , Try To Contact The Doctor Personally.

19)  Can Surrogacy Procedures Give Cent Percent Guaranteed Success?

A) We Can For Best Results In Repeated Cycles.

20)  A Female With Uterine Fibroid Suffering With Infertility, What Is The Best Treatment Whether To Remove The Fibroid Or To Undergo Fertility Treatment?

A) If The Size Of Fibroid Is Less Than 5 Cms and If It Is Subseries You Can Go For IVF Procedure. If Fibroid Is Intramural, Endometrial Better To Go For Surgery , Then Try For Fertility Treatment.

21)  Can Child Bearing Be Possible With Primary Amenorrhea (Not Attained Menarche Patients)?

A) Now A Days, More Number Of Females Are Facing This Kind Of Problems Due To Many Factors.

22) Is Premature Ovarian Failure Possible At The Age Of 20 Years?

A) Now A Days, More Number Of Females Are Facing This Kind Of Problems Due To Many Factors.

23)  What Is The Choice Of Treatment In Young Lady With Premature Ovarian Failure?

A) Oocyte Donation Is The Best Option.

24) Is Egg Freezing Mandatory In Ovarian Cancer Patient Of Young Age Group For Future Fertility?                                                                                                                                                                                                                 A)  Yes It Is Mandatory

25)  What Is The Usual Cost Of IVF?

A) Cost Will Be Around 5ok-3l, Depends Upon May Other Factors Like Oocyte Donation, Number And Type Of Injections Given To Female During IVF.

26)  Can IUI Procedure Give Success With Male Infertility?

A) It Gives Less Success Rate, In Most Of The Cases IVF Is Helpful In Female Infertilit

27)  How Many Times Can A Couple Undergo IUI Procedures?

A) More 5 To 6 Times

28)  How Many Months A Couple Seek Fertility Treatment With Normal Medication?

A) Around 6 To 10 Months With Normal Medication

29)  Can Mental Stress Affect Child Bearing?

A) Definitely, It Does Affect, Mental Stress Causes Lifestyle Imbalance And Hormonal Imbalance

30) Why Software Couples Are Suffering With Problems Of Infertility?

A) May Be The Effects Of Laptop, Target Stress, Shift Work Sleep Disorder, Unhealthy Eating Habits

31) Will Life Style And Fast Food Affects One’s Fertility?

A) Definitely

32) Does Female Education And Hard Work Is The Reason For More Fertility Problems Now- A- Days?

A) Yes, 100% Because Of Reduction In Oocyte Quantity And Quality Due To Increase In Age Of Marriage And Conception And Reduction In Implantation Of Embryo’s In Endometrial Cavity

33) What Is The Reason For Ovarian Failure In Many Women Seeking Fertility?

A) Prolonged Exposure To Pesticides, And Other Toxins, Which Are Used Frequently, Autoimmune Disorders Like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Thyroid Disorders. And Genetic Disorders Like Chromosomal Disorders, Fragile X Syndrome And Iatrogenic Causes Like Chemotherapy And Radiotherapy. Non Identifiable, Ecology Or Etiology Can Be Reason For Premature Menopause And Oocyte Reduction In Ovaries

34) Reason For Irregular Periods In Young generation Now A Days?

A) Because Of Education And Professional Stress, Girl May Be Something Going On With Her, Excessive Exercise, Not Eating Enough Calories, Being Underweight Or Overweight Can Effect A Girl Cycle

35) Is PCOS Curable?

A) Yes, It Is Curable

36) What Could Be The Reason For Hormonal Imbalance Which Causes Infertility In Young Couples?

A) Getting Irregular Periods, Breast Milk Agalactorrhea, Thyroid Related Disorders, Increase In Body Weight, Increase In Alteration In Ovarian Hormones Can Cause Infertility?

37) What Is Reason For Repeated Abortion?

A) Most Probably Genetic Disorders( Single Gene Defects Or Gene Mutation), Hormone Related Disorders (Thyroid), Immunological Disorders(Sle) And Few Idiopathic

38) What Is The Reason For IVF Failure?

A) Decrease Quality Of Oocytes In Females, Quality Of Sperm In Male, Quality Of Embryo After Fertilization, Known And Unknown Disorders Of Endometrial Cavity

39) Is Repeated IVF Is Mandatory For Getting Good Results?

A) The Receiving Capacity Of Endometrium Increases With Repeated Embryo Transfer.

40) Is Chocolate Cyst Reason For Infertility?

A) The Oocyte Quality Will Decrease In Endometrium Or In Chocolate Cyst, Fertilization Capacity In The Tubes Will Decrease.

41) What Is Implantation Failure?

A) Some Disorders Like Genetic Abnormalities Where Embryo With Good Morphology Having Aneuploidy, Hormonal Or Metabolic Disorders ( Uncontrollable Diabetics), Infection Causes Implantation Failure

42) Is There Chances Of Abortion After Fertility Treatment?

A) Yes There Are Chances Of Abortion After Fertility Treatment Like Normal Conceptions

43) Is Laparoscopy Or Hysteroscopy Require Before Patients Undergoing Fertility Treatment?

A) Yes Definitely To Analyze The Anatomical Or Pathological Defects In Reproductive Organs Like Uterus, Tubes, Ovaraies, Tubo Ovarian Relations, Polyps, Mucosal Disorders. Uterine Septum And Blood Supply

44) How Many Months A Women Can Wait After Laparoscopy Procedure To Conceive?

A) Up To 6 Months

45) Why Hysteroscopy Procedure Done Before IVF Procedure?

A) To Know About Uterine Cavity, Mucosal Capacity, Blood supply To Rule Out Pathological Defects Like Mild Syncheia, Polyps Etc

46) After Resection Of Uterine Septum, How Many Months Can A Women Wait For Successful Pregnancy?

A) up to 6 Months To 1 Year

47) After Tubal Repairing Procedure Through Laparoscopy With In How Many Months A Women Can Conceive, If Not What Can Be Done?

A) With In 6 Months Of Time, If Not Immediately Consult A Good Infertility Specialist

48) Why Corneal End Of Tube To Be Closed In Cases Of Pyo Or Hemato Salpinx?

A) After Embryo Transfer, Tubal Fluid May Washout Embryos, If The Corneal End Of Tube Is Open

49) Can A Women With Bicorn ate Uterus Conceive Easily Or Requires Treatment?

A) Few People Will Conceive But It May Cause Premature Birth. A Good Gynecologist Care Is Must During Pregnancy

50) What Will Happen In Infertile Unicorn ate Uterus People, Whether Treatment Is Necessary?

A) There May Go For 2nd Trimester Abortions, Premature Birth Due To Small Size Of Uterus, Sometimes Decrease In Implantation Capacity.


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