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  • I know the pain of my brother and her wife experienced over the years trying for children. At last, they found a solution in the form of surrogacy. Our entire...


  • I have seen many happy couples with their babies when I'm entering the clinic. And there I got confidence that I will get success here. As I thought, I got...


  • Thank you very much to everyone in Srushti Fertility Center who helped to make my sister's dream of becoming a mother come true. Exceptional service starting from counselling to infertility...


  • We got married in 2015, but we have no children. We have seen many doctors but of no use. When we almost thought of adoption, we came to know about...


Why Choose Universal Srushti Fertility

Universal Srushti Fertility is one of the Best Fertility Center in India lead by Dr Namrathaa, Cheif Fertility Specialist with over 30+ years of experience.

  • 10200 + Successful IVF Procedure
  • 220 + Successful Surrogacy Procedures and take home 100% babies
  • First IVF – ICSI Baby in 1999
  • First Virtification Baby in 2007
  • First TESA / MESA baby in 2000
  • We are very proud to say about our increased success with pre genetic screening method. PGS inhouse made us achieve 80%-85% success in all IVF and ICSI procedures with all chromosomally normal children and no abortion rate.

Fertility Treatments Offered

World-class Fertility Treatments with advanced technology and the highest success rate ever.

IUI .1

IUI is a simple procedure done with or without a fertility procedure.Success rate of IUI is 25 %

IVF .2

IVF was a mysterious procedure long back, but not anymore. it almost became a household procedure today


ICSI is suggested if the couple having poor or no fertilization in IVF procedure

4. Surrogacy

Surrogacy is an assisted reproduction procedure where another woman carries a baby of you and your partner if you are unable to sustain a pregnancy


PGS & PGD are the genetic tests performed before IVF or ICSI to find specific genetic disorders.

6. Blastocyst Culture

As we know, in an IVF or ICSI process, the eggs are fertilized, and the embryos are transferred to the uterus of a woman.

Years of Experience

IVF Cycles

Surrogacy Procedures

Doctor Videos

Watch how infertility procedures are done and how effective they are !!!

Raju Gopalan

Find the best fertility facility near me. when I use to come here for treatment I see patients getting pregnant and now I am also pregnant after getting IUI. so happy today.

Athul Gosh

The staff were very professional. They constantly made sure that I was comfortable. The results have been great so far. In the time after my procedure, Doctor was very responsive to all of my text questions and requests which was a big help

Jayasri Palagani

Alhumdulillah for everything throughout my journey all doctors help me lot I have conceive in 1 month thank you so much Allah for sending me here thank you so much. i recommend this clinic for best ivf centre in secunderabad, hyderabad

Mani Kandan

I had a hair transplant at Medhair Clinic about 7 months ago, and the results have been nothing short of life-changing. My hairline has been fully restored, and the density and appearance of my hair have significantly improved. The regrowth process has been consistent, and the transplanted hair seamlessly blends with my existing hair. Beyond the physical transformation, this experience has boosted my self-confidence in social situations, all thanks to Dr. Sameer and his exceptional team. If you’re contemplating a hair transplant, I wholeheartedly recommend Medhair. It’s a decision that can positively transform both your self-esteem and your hairline.

Manju Achar

Dr. namratha mam thank you so much for your great treatment iam so happy for this good news after 3years I got a pregnancy positive results thankyou so much mam….from shahnaaz and faheem. Thank you so much srushthi for helping with us in the beautiful journey of parenthood. We will be always be thankful to Dr.namratha mam and the entire staff for taking good care of us and the efforts. Best recommended hospital for expecting couples
myselfs usha visited for my gynic issue I’m thankful that I have found a gynecologist I had always been looking for.

Chaitanya Vadlamudi

The patients are treated carefully and they ensure to provide better solution, good care and maintain time to time patients regular check up and reports availability is appreciated.
Hospital staff maintaining clean environment, time punctuality, very friendly environment felt like home.
We are very happy with the response and would love to recommend others…! i recommend this clinic for best ivf fertility centre in secunderabad, hyderabad

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