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    • I know the pain of my brother and her wife experienced over the years trying for children. At last, they found a solution in the form of surrogacy. Our entire...


    • I have seen many happy couples with their babies when I'm entering the clinic. And there I got confidence that I will get success here. As I thought, I got...


    • Thank you very much to everyone in Srushti Fertility Center who helped to make my sister's dream of becoming a mother come true. Exceptional service starting from counselling to infertility...


    • We got married in 2015, but we have no children. We have seen many doctors but of no use. When we almost thought of adoption, we came to know about...


    Why Choose Universal Srushti Fertility

    Universal Srushti Fertility is one of the Best Fertility Center in India lead by Dr Namrathaa, Cheif Fertility Specialist with over 30+ years of experience.

    • 10200 + Successful IVF Procedure
    • 220 + Successful Surrogacy Procedures and take home babies
    • 100 % Successful pregnancies in more than 4000 Couples
    • First IVF – ICSI Baby in 1999
    • First Virtification Baby in 2007
    • First TESA / MESA baby in 2000
    • We are very proud to say about our increased success with pre genetic screening method. PGS inhouse made us achieve 80%-85% success in all IVF and ICSI procedures with all chromosomally normal children and no abortion rate.

    Fertility Treatments Offered

    World-class Fertility Treatments with advanced technology and the highest success rate ever.

    IUI .1

    IUI is a simple procedure done with or without a fertility procedure.Success rate of IUI is 25 %

    IVF .2

    IVF was a mysterious procedure long back, but not anymore. it almost became a household procedure today

    ICSI .3

    ICSI is suggested if the couple having poor or no fertilization in IVF procedure

    4. Surrogacy

    Surrogacy is an assisted reproduction procedure where another woman carries a baby of you and your partner if you are unable to sustain a pregnancy

    5. PGD/PGS

    PGS & PGD are the genetic tests performed before IVF or ICSI to find specific genetic disorders.

    6. Blastocyst Culture

    As we know, in an IVF or ICSI process, the eggs are fertilized, and the embryos are transferred to the uterus of a woman.

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    Watch how infertility procedures are done and how effective they are !!!

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