Your ultimate guide to celebrity surrogacy centers in India

In recent years, many celebrities have turned to celebrity surrogacy centers in India to enjoy parenthood. There are many reasons why celebrities may choose to go through surrogacy to have children. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Fertility issues: Some celebrities may have difficulty conceiving naturally due to medical conditions, age, or other factors. Surrogacy can offer a solution for those who want to have children but are unable to do so on their own.
  • Privacy: Many celebrities value their privacy and may not want to go through a pregnancy in the public eye. Surrogacy allows them to have a child without the intense media scrutiny that often accompanies pregnancy.
  • Career commitments: Celebrities often have busy schedules and may not have the time to carry a child themselves. Surrogacy allows them to continue working while still starting a family.
  • Health concerns: Some celebrities may have health conditions that make pregnancy risky or dangerous. Surrogacy can provide a safer alternative for starting a family.
  • Personal preference: Ultimately, some celebrities simply prefer the idea of surrogacy and may choose it over other options like adoption or traditional pregnancy.

Best Surrogacy Center for Celebrities

It’s important to do thorough research and choose the Best surrogacy center for celebrities that is reputable, experienced and has a track record of success. Some factors to consider when choosing a surrogacy center may include their success rates, the qualifications of their staff and medical professionals, their experience working with intended parents and surrogates, their legal and financial expertise, and their overall reputation within the surrogacy community.

It’s also important to consider any legal and ethical considerations related to surrogacy in your country or state, as the laws and regulations surrounding surrogacy can vary widely. Universal Shrushti fertility center is one of the best IVF/Surrogacy centers in India. This hospital offers a high success rate and keeps your identity confidential.

When it comes to surrogacy, privacy is often a top concern for individuals or couples who are in the public eye, such as celebrities. The decision to use a surrogate can be a deeply personal and sensitive matter, and it’s important to choose a surrogacy center that can offer the necessary level of privacy and confidentiality.

One factor to consider is the success rate of the surrogacy center. Choosing a center with a high success rate is important, as this can increase the chances of a successful pregnancy and ultimately, a healthy baby. A reputable and experienced surrogacy center will have a track record of success and be able to provide the necessary medical and emotional support throughout the process.

In addition to success rate, confidentiality is also crucial. A surrogacy center that prioritizes privacy can provide a safe and secure environment for intended parents and their surrogates to undergo the surrogacy process without fear of their personal information being made public. This can be especially important for celebrities who want to keep their private lives out of the media spotlight.

It’s important to do thorough research and ask questions to ensure that the surrogacy center you choose is reputable, experienced, and able to provide the level of privacy and support that you need. Working with a qualified legal professional can also help ensure that your rights and the rights of your surrogate are protected throughout the process.

Bollywood Surrogate Mothers

In India, the practice of giving birth to children via the surrogacy procedure is not a novel concept. This occurs often with famous people in the film industry who are preoccupied with their filming schedules and are unable to find the time to give birth to a kid. Now, we present to you a list of Bollywood surrogate mothers who decided to have children via the process of surrogacy.

A list of famous people who became parents via the surrogacy process.

1) Shilpa Shetty

Noted Shilpa Shetty, a popular actress in Bollywood, became a mother for a second time via the process of surrogacy. Shilpa Shetty, who had previously given birth to a son during her first pregnancy, got pregnant for the second time with the intention of having a female kid in the year 2020.

2) Preity Zinta

The well-known Hindi actress Preity Zinta decided to go the surrogacy route in order to fulfill her dream of being a mother to twins. Preity divulged the information to the general public back in November of last year.

3) Ekta Kapoor

2019 was the year when renowned Bollywood director Ekta Kapoor became a mother to a son.

4) Sunny Leone

A few years ago, actress Sunny Leone and her husband welcomed twin children into the world via surrogacy.

Surrogacy Treatment for Celebrities

Surrogacy treatment has become an increasingly popular option for celebrities who are struggling with infertility or unable to carry a pregnancy to term due to medical conditions. The use of a surrogate can provide these individuals with the opportunity to start or expand their families, while also allowing them to maintain their busy schedules and demanding careers. In this blog, we will explore the surrogacy process for celebrities and the benefits it can offer.

Surrogacy is a legal arrangement in which a woman carries and delivers a child for another person or couple. In most cases, the intended parents will use their own eggs and sperm to create an embryo through in vitro fertilization (IVF). The embryo is then transferred to the surrogate’s uterus, where it will develop and grow until delivery. Surrogacy can be a complex and emotional process, but it can also offer many benefits for celebrities who choose to pursue it.

One of the main benefits of Surrogacy treatment for celebrities is the ability to maintain their privacy. Being in the public eye can be challenging, and many celebrities value their privacy when it comes to personal matters such as fertility struggles or family planning. By using a surrogate, they can keep their journey to parenthood out of the spotlight, allowing them to focus on their family and career.

Another advantage of surrogacy for celebrities is the flexibility it offers. Many celebrities have demanding schedules that make it difficult to take time off for pregnancy and childbirth. By using a surrogate, they can continue to work and travel while still achieving their goal of starting a family. Surrogacy also allows them to avoid the physical and emotional tolls of pregnancy, such as morning sickness, weight gain, and postpartum recovery.

The surrogacy process for celebrities typically involves working with a surrogacy agency or fertility clinic to find a suitable surrogate. This may involve reviewing profiles of potential surrogates and conducting interviews to find the right match. The intended parents and surrogate will also need to undergo medical and psychological evaluations to ensure that they are physically and emotionally prepared for the surrogacy journey.

Once a surrogate has been selected, the IVF process will begin. This involves retrieving eggs from the intended mother or an egg donor and fertilizing them with sperm from the intended father or a sperm donor. The resulting embryos are then transferred to the surrogate’s uterus, where they will hopefully implant and begin to grow.

Throughout the surrogacy journey, the intended parents and surrogate will work closely together to ensure a healthy and successful pregnancy. This may involve regular check-ins, medical appointments, and communication about the pregnancy and delivery plans. After the baby is born, the intended parents will typically take custody of the child and begin their new life as a family.

Famous Surrogate Parents in India

Best Surrogacy Center for Celebrities

Many famous Indian couples have also chosen surrogacy to start or expand their families. In this blog, we will explore some of the famous surrogate parents in India and their stories.

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan – Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan and his wife Gauri welcomed their third child, a son named AbRam, through surrogacy in 2013. The couple had previously struggled with infertility and had undergone multiple IVF treatments before turning to surrogacy.

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao – Actor and filmmaker Aamir Khan and his wife Kiran Rao welcomed their son Azad Rao Khan through surrogacy in 2011. Kiran had previously undergone multiple miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy before turning to surrogacy.

Tusshar Kapoor – Bollywood actor Tusshar Kapoor became a single father through surrogacy in 2016. He welcomed a son named Laksshya Kapoor and has since been open about his decision to use surrogacy as a single parent.

Karan Johar – Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar became a father to twins, a boy and a girl named Yash and Roohi, through surrogacy in 2017. He had previously spoken about his desire to become a father and the challenges he faced as a single parent.

Ekta Kapoor – Television producer and content creator Ekta Kapoor became a single mother through surrogacy in 2019. She welcomed a son named Ravie Kapoor and has since been open about her decision to use surrogacy as a single parent.

Final words

These famous parents have all spoken openly about their experiences with surrogacy and the challenges they faced on their journeys to parenthood. Surrogacy has allowed them to start or expand their families and has given them the opportunity to share the joys of parenthood with their children. Their stories have also helped to raise awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding infertility and surrogacy in India. if you also want to undergo surrogacy treatment you can visit renowned celebrity surrogacy centers in India like the universal shrushti fertility center.





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