Best Surrogacy Centre in Dubai

Best Surrogacy Centre in Dubai

Understanding Surrogacy in Dubai

It’s a kind of assisted reproduction in which one woman bears and gives birth to a baby for another woman. Best Surrogacy Centre in Dubai must follow the guidelines established by the “Government” on surrogacy. First, the surrogate mother’s medical and personal background is thoroughly researched. Information on past IVF attempts and obstetrical care is also stored in a database. Hundreds of potential surrogate moms are available for the intending parents to select from.

Surrogacy in Dubai

  • Parents who want to hire a surrogate usually use filters like age, skin color, eye color, height, and weight to find the best surrogate for the mother-to-be. As soon as a surrogate is chosen, the paperwork process may begin. The surrogate will be given information and instructions on how to proceed with medical care.
  • The surrogate and the biological mother are both given hormones to regulate their menstrual cycles. Hysteroscopy, ultrasonography, a pap smear, a trial transfer, and psychological testing are all part of the screening process for a surrogate mother to go through to confirm she is perfect for the process.
  • To speed up the production of mature eggs, fertility experts at Best Surrogacy Centre in Dubai who are monitoring follicular activity may provide ovarian stimulation to the prospective mother. Injections of hormones are used if oral drugs like estrogen and progesterone fail to stimulate uterine lining growth.
  • During a Surrogacy in Dubai, the egg donor, who is the biological mother, has her oocytes taken out while she is under general anesthesia. Sperm is taken from the male partner, and IVF/ICSI is used to fertilize the eggs outside of the body.

Then the embryo is placed in the uterus of a surrogate mother. After 14 days have passed since the embryo was transferred, a pregnancy test is performed, and if the results are good, the surrogate mother is given excellent care at the IVF center until the baby is born.

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