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At some point in their lives, both men and women want to have children. But this isn’t always possible for everyone because of how their lives work out. Also, both men and women are having more trouble getting pregnant because of stress, anxiety, pollution, working couples, and bad habits, as well as because of their bodies. As the best surrogacy center near me Dubai, we offer a complete Surrogacy Treatment for people who can’t have a child on their own for medical reasons. Our facilities work with well-known ART banks that offer surrogate mother in Dubai. ART Banks take care of the needs of Gestational Carriers, who are also called Surrogate Mothers. This includes giving them a place to stay, food and drinks, and any other services they need to be taken care of better.

Surrogacy Treatment Near Me Dubai


What is surrogacy?

You can search for the query surrogacy treatment near me Dubai, to know the best options for you. Surrogacy basically a form of assisted reproduction in which a woman carries a baby for another woman until it’s full term and then gives the healthy baby to the other woman. There are certain rules set up by the governments of different countries which must be followed by the hospitals of respective countries.

  • As a first step, a thorough look is made into the surrogate mother’s medical and personal history. Information about previous IVF cycles and obstetric care is also kept in a database. The database has a long list of surrogate mothers that the parents-to-be can use to choose a surrogate.
  • Parents who want to hire a surrogate mother in Dubai usually use filters like age, skin color, eye color, height, and weight to find the best surrogate for the mother-to-be. Once a surrogate is chosen, the paperwork and instructions for treatment start, and an escrow account is set up.
  • The surrogate and intended mother are then both given medicine to make their periods happen at the same time. During this stage, the surrogate mother goes through screening procedures like hysteroscopy, ultrasonography, pap smear, trial transfer, and psychological testing to make sure she is committed to the process.
  • Fertility doctors who are watching the activity of the follicles start ovarian stimulation so that the woman can make mature eggs faster. Hormonal injections are used to build up the lining of the uterus if medications like Oestrogen and Progesterone don’t work.
  • During a surrogacy procedure, the egg donor, who is the biological mother, has her ovaries taken out while she is under general anesthesia. Sperm is taken from the male partner, and IVF/ICSI is used to fertilize the eggs outside of the body.

The well-lined uterus of a surrogate is used to place an embryo. This is done with the help of a cumulus cloud. After 14 days, an IVF clinic gives the surrogate mother a pregnancy test. If the test is positive, the IVF clinic takes good care of her for the next nine months until the baby is born.

Who is a gestational carrier?

A surrogate mother is a woman who agrees to carry a pregnancy and give birth to a baby for another person or couple. The people who want to have a baby through surrogacy are called the “intended parents” or “commissioning parents.”

Final words

Even though there are a lot of IVF and fertility centers in Dubai city, you won’t find many that offer treatment and services as good as ours. We are committed to helping you have a baby and will give you the best surrogacy treatment at a price you can afford for gestational surrogacy in Dubai.

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