Endometriosis Awareness week – A brief insight into it.

The first week of March is observed as Endometriosis Awareness week. A full week dedicated to sharing disease information among patients, charities, and organizations in order to promote much-needed awareness.

What is endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a condition that affects women and arises when tissue that is comparable to the uterine lining grows in other parts of the body. The abdominal cavity is where this tissue grows the most.
The tissue is inextricably tied to a woman’s menstrual cycle. Unlike a period, however, the tissue stays in the body and bleeds, resulting in adhesions (scar tissue), lesions, and blood-filled cysts.

Endometriosis symptoms include:

• infertility
• tiredness
• immune system suppression
• abnormal vaginal bleeding
• pain
• infertility

Why it is required to create awareness about endometriosis?

But why is it important to be aware of endometriosis? Isn’t there already a lot of public knowledge about every illness? No, no, and no. Endometriosis has to be made more widely known. Despite the fact that endometriosis affects an estimated 176 million women globally, few people have heard of it.
Women and young girls wait an average of two years before seeking medical help for painful or problematic periods. According to a Survey, women and young girls are unaware that their symptoms may not be normal and that they should seek medical advice.
Periods that are painful, heavy, unpleasant, or irregular can indicate an undiscovered medical issue, such as endometriosis. Young women, in particular, must be urged to seek help as soon as possible. They may considerably improve their capacity to conceive later in life if they do so, and they will not have to suffer from symptoms for years that could be treated.


It can be beneficial to just talk about what is usual and unusual. Many women learn about their periods from their moms, sisters, or aunts, but there is much of it. Women’s reproductive system is much more complicated. To get the conversation lead to a definite conclusion, consult a gynecologist. Clear all your doubts and seek help before it’s too late!!!

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